Create the right mood with the perfect audio system created just for your space by our exceptionally trained and certified audio technicians.  After all, there is no such thing as one size fits all with audio systems.  Put our technician’s 60+ years of experience in creating your perfect environment for your restaurant, today!

There is nothing worse than when you can hear the game or the sound is so loud and distorted that you can’t enjoy being with friends watching the game!  Northern Musicast, Inc’s technicians bring over 60+ years of combined experience to ensure you have a perfect system with the perfect sound every time and every game!

In the Quick Serve Restaurant getting it right with the first time is imperative with your communications and audio system.  After all, time is money!  Lucky for you, Northern Musicast, Inc.’s technicians have over 60+ years of combined experience to give your QSR system your business deserves!

Creating an environment where a customer feels comfortable is key to making a sale in the ultra-competitive retail environment.  Northern Musicast, Inc.’s technicians have over 60+ years combined experience in ensuring your space is perfectly creating the comfortable environment that connects your business’ brand to your customers.

When a customer wants to have a comfortable, private environment to discuss their finances with your business, creating that environment is key to the success of your business!  Northern Musicast Inc.’s technicians bring over 60+ years of experience in creating a perfect environment of comfort and privacy.  And, if the environment is not private enough, we offer custom sound masking solutions to meet every need!

Healthcare can be stressful enough.  Having a stressful environment is not what the doctor recommended!  Therefore, Northern Musicast, Inc’s technicians, with more than 60+ years of combined experience can help you create an environment that fits perfectly with what the doctor ordered!

House of Worship audio systems is incredibly important to get right the first time.  Making sure the message can be heard is key.  Therefore, Northern Musicast, Inc.’s audio technicians bring over 60 years of combined experience to ensure the perfect audio system is installed in your house of worship the first time.

Outdoor audio environments can be extremely tricky…  from the size to the delay, to the echo… Good thing Northern Musicast, Inc’s technicians have over 60+ years of combined experience to ensure your outdoor audio project sounds incredible!

The right A/V system plays a critical role in creating the experience you desire for your business. From retail to restaurant, even outdoor stadiums and everything in between, Northern Musicast, Inc. has the ability to cover the needs and expectations of business.

How It Works

When it comes to audio & video integrated systems, there is no such thing as one size fits all!  We partner with our manufacturers to bring audio, video and integrated technology solutions to our clients by involving them in the consultation, design, equipment evaluation and purchasing process. After all, the main reason you select a commercial audio & video company is you are looking for guidance.  Since 1978, our experience in installing commercial sound systems puts Nothern Musicast, Inc.’s experience right where it counts.

Northern Musicast, Inc. can complete your project with clarity and purpose, and we’ll deliver a system that meets your specific needs. With the industry’s largest trained and certified National Service Network, you can be assured that your project will be installed and managed professionally. Plus, in the rare case your system should ever fail, we have comparable loaner equipment we can loan you while your equipment is being repaired.


Northern Musicast, Inc. technicians have over 60+ combined years of experience in the audio | video field.  After that many years, we may know a thing or two about fixing your system and dare to say we’ve seen it before.  But, that doesn’t mean that we are always looking for a challenge!  So, please challenge us.  But, just know that we are here to make sure your system is always working perfectly!

Experience Where It Counts

As part of the world’s leading provider of commercial audio and video systems (Mood Media™), Northern Musicast, Inc. provides dynamic and innovative solutions to meet the objectives and budget for any business. Northern Musicast, Inc. combines the very best audio and video manufacturer brands with deep industry expertise and a broad range of capabilities. Regardless of size, scope or architectural design, you can feel confident in relying on Northern Musicast, Inc. years of experience and excellence.  Afterall, we have been expertly installing audio systems since 1978.