Like adding and extra set of eyes to watch over your business

Northern Musicast, Inc. surveillance systems are about more than added security. We design video surveillance management systems to help you operate with greater efficiency and profitability. Reduce shrinkage and increase worker productivity. View and manage multiple locations remotely through your apps with Android, iPhone or iPad. Integrate our systems with your POS. Audiomatrix, Inc. specializes in systems designed for convenience stores, property management, retail, QSR, bars, and restaurants.

How It Works

It starts with identifying your goals.

Security? Loss prevention? Operations management? Liability protection? Waste reduction? We help you identify the right system to meet your specific needs and budget, then offer comprehensive design and installation services.

Key Benefits of a Northern Muiscast, Inc. Surveillance System

  • Remote access and monitoring of multiple locations
  • POS system integration
  • Simple video storage and retrieval
  • Easily upgrade or replace existing camera systems
  • Scalable solutions and servers
  • Applications for Remote Viewing